About Beit Pratzim

BARUCH HABAH!! Welcome to Beit Pratzim (the  House of Breakthroughs)!

We welcome you and thank you for visiting our website. Beit Pratzim House of Breakthroughs Congregation is a Believing community of Jewish and non-Jewish people called to be one in Messiah Yeshua.  It is a joy to have visitors like you and we want to take the opportunity to invite you to come  worship with us. Please join us at one of our Shabbat services or congregational activities that can be found on our website or call 561-594-2616. 

We rejoice in our freedom to worship the God of Israel within our own culture, traditions, and calendar, with the special joy of knowing God in a personal way through Messiah Yeshua. Are you Jewish and searching for an intimate relationship with God rather than the ritual, legalistic way you were raised up? Are you in an interfaith marriage/relationship and wondering, “How will we raise the kids”? “Which holidays do we celebrate” or “which is the right day to worship on”? I thought Jesus was Jewish so why don’t our people embrace and accept Him?

Come and get answers to those questions and learn from the very Torah, Prophets and Writings (Tenach) read in all Synagogues on Shabbat,  Let us search from the complete Word of God which is from Genesis to Revelation and come let us reason together! 

We enjoy a time of Oneg Shabbat after services to visit and nosh on bagels, shmears, salads, coffee, desserts and more! Grab a bite and visit and break bread together with the mishpocha (family)!!!

With much love in Messiah Yeshua,

The Congregational Leadership