Seven Curses

Each of us was born with a gold mine and a toxic waste dump. The gold mine is our generational blessings. The seven curses keep us from possessing our birthright. Are your family holidays repeatedly marred by one-of-a-kind bizarre problems? Do you have trouble getting a fair deal from your landlord, your insurance agent, your mechanic, your boss, and even your co-workers? Are you having to run faster and faster every year just to stay in place? Is time never on your side? Do you feel as though you are always being asked to pay your dues again, and you are never given credit for past accomplishment?

The Seven Curses are markers for deeper problems. There are seven foundational legitimacy lies that allow the enemy access to our lives and our family line. When we believe these lies and act accordingly, it allows these seven curses to manifest. They often manifest in attacks on our finances, but their reach is much further. They can prevent us from obtaining our birthright.

It is very important to examine your life and see if there are habits or patterns that need to be changed.

The renunciations will break the curses, but you must be intentional about preventing their re-empowerment in your life

  1. The Aramean Curse Cause: Freemasonry anywhere in the last ten generations; immorality at any level including pornography. Manifestation: You can't get justice in everyday life.
    Blessing of Hosea: People enjoy opening doors for you. You walk in high favor.

    The manifestation of the Aramean curse is that you can’t solve your own problems in the context of Civil law, you’re continually either facing law suits or getting injustice in basic business deals, the cause of this curse is that someone sought lawless power in order to solve their problems, and the blessing that God releases when this curse is broken is that you have basic security from intrusion in your life. There is a legal system that works; you’re able to function within a normal parameter for getting justice.

  2. The Moabite Curse Cause: Parents or authorities who fail to release you into adulthood or who actively hold you back from appropriate promotions.

    Manifestation: Causes your income to be devoured before it gets to you. Promises are consistently made that are not kept.
    Blessing of Esther: People build a platform under you for your success.

    The manifestation of the Moabite Curse is that your authorities will not build a platform for success under you. This can be your parentage or your employer or your church leadership, but in some form or another there are authorities who are supposed to build a platform for success under you and they don’t. The cause of this was you or somebody in your family line who took freedom the wrong way when freedom was not granted them or they remain passive under bondage.

  3. The Philistine Curse Cause: Using truth to enslave or control people instead of using truth to set them free. Manifestation: Whether professionally or personally you are perpetually on the verge of getting it all together but always end up one piece short.
    Blessing of Daniel: God gives you supernatural insight that makes you highly valuable and effective. The Philistine Curse manifests in your life, by your lacking the key resources to be able to progress. These are individuals that seem to have a whole lot going for them but for lack of one little thing or another they’re not able to put together the package of success that they feel God has called them to.

    The root cause of this curse is that somebody was focused on codifying, defending or implementing truth in such a way that limits other people or controls them instead of equipping and powering. Truth was used, or the perception of truth, a system of truth was used to limit people to enslave them instead of empowering and releasing. One of the major marks of the devouring is that you cannot earn what you’re worth. When this curse is broken the blessing is that you’re enabled to enthrone the Lord Jesus Christ in your life or on the land. And the presence of the enthroned Lord keeps a lot of devourers away.

  4. The Canaanite Curse Cause: Lowering the standard of holiness in your circle of influence, whether overtly or simply by your lifestyle. Manifestation: You are permanently too busy. You are continually drawn to situations where those over you demand unreasonable amounts of work from you in the allotted time.
    Blessing of Moses: You have the time, resources, and mentor to develop the latent abilities God has placed within you. The curse manifests by your being regularly exploited by all kinds of leaders. The original cause for this course was that somebody used their influence to induce other people to do wrong frequently in the area of moral impurity. One of the most hurtful aspects of the devouring is that because of the exploited boss, you don’t have the ability to develop the God given abilities that are placed within you. You are so busy putting out fires; so busy serving someone else that you cannot develop the call of God in your own life. And the blessing is the opposite of that when this curse is broken. Somebody is able to systematically develop the areas of greatest potential in their own life.

  5. The Midianite Curse Cause: Putting personal comfort and convenience ahead of possessing your birthright. Manifestation: Year after year trouble strikes in different ways but always at the same time of year. Also, family gatherings tend to be compulsory and miserable.
    Blessing of Job: You have enough capital that your money works for you instead of your trading hours for dollars. The curse is that you cannot obtain enough assets, you cannot accrue, and you can accumulate enough wealth to be able to leverage change. The was that you or someone in your family line put comfort or security a head of fulfilling your stewardship.

    Things and health and relationships breaking in a seasonal manner manifest the devouring.

    Meaning that at a particular time in the year, or in a pattern of every other year things are devoured for no apparent reason other than the time cycle.

    The blessing is also related to time and hat is the freedom to accumulate resources from year to year and from generation to generation so that there are enough assets to leverage major change.

    In this particular curse you see that money is devoured before it gets to you. Your promises are continually broken. The blessing, once this curse is broken, is that you have secure boundaries and you have the freedom to expand as God directs.

  6. The Curse of Jotham Cause: You or someone in your family line were guilty of ingratitude and extreme disloyalty. Manifestation: You continually suffer betrayal by your closest friends, family members, and business partners.
    Blessing of Nehemiah: You are able to capture team dynamics at an explosive level producing great joy and huge effectiveness. The manifestation of the curse is that your institution is destroyed from within by betrayal of trusted members. And in very oblivious betrayal from within has as its root-cause, the fact that you or somebody in your family line or institutional line, violated a covenant supposed to be in a covenant relationship with you, turn around and rob you. The blessing of course, is that you will be able to establish a social structure that synergistically realizes life into the culture. You might be able to possess your birthright alone but you cannot be a person of destiny outside of community, it takes a social structure to synergistically realize life on the level of being a person of destiny

  7. The Ammonite Curse Cause: Bitterness over undeserved trauma in your life causes you to become highly competent and highly independent. Manifestation: Barrenness. Your being confined to mediocrity in a group setting manifests the curse. The route cause is that at some point you or your ancestors tried to buy God’s favor. And the devouring is seen in your loosing the capital necessary to make money.’ There’s an axiom in the business world that it takes money to make money. And when you lose your capital you are relegated to earning money instead of making money. And the blessing when this curse is broken is that God partners with you to help you posses your birthright. And God’s partnering with you, God’s favor is infinitely greater than work per say.